7 key changes to Facebook and Instagram

7 Key changes to Facebook and Instagram

BWSIT joined an excellent Webinar about the key changes of Facebook and Instagram that are coming up this year in 2021.  It is important for us to keep up to date so we can help with our client’s social media pages and make sure we can engage and attract more followers, with potential to use your services.

The webinar was based on 7 main changes that are happening this year with Facebook and Instagram affecting users and businesses. Users and businesses are going to find things working very differently in Facebook and Instagram from what we know today.

  • The first change is an algorithm update.

But Why does this matter? It matters because the algorithm is what controls what users see on their Facebook and Instagram feeds. So, at the moment the algorithm on Facebook and Instagram is based on what posts and adverts Facebook think is more relevant to the user, instead of being in a chronological order.

But this is changing very soon, the new algorithm is going to change and so is your feed, first they are changing the users viewing options, there will be a feed that is based on your favourites as well as the original one. The new feed will allow you to choose and add up to 30 friends and pages on it that you would like to get posts from.

Secondly Facebook and Instagram are adding a filter bar to the feed, where you will have the option to choose the algorithm so that instead of seeing posts that are just relevant to the user, you will now be able to choose if you would like to see posts in the order of most recent, so the latest posts uploaded will be the first ones you see, and the older posts will be last.

  • There will be a new button on each post, which is one that says, ‘why am I seeing this post’. It will allow users to be able to click on it and unfollow/unfriend people, businesses straight from the post, instead of clicking on top their profiles.
  • Facebook and Instagram are introducing page suggestions to people’s feeds, so if a friend on your Facebook has interacted with a page, the page will come up as a suggestion to see if you would like to follow them too.
  • Next, they are introducing suggested posts from businesses located locally in real time, so wherever you are, some suggested posts from nearby companies will pop up on your feed.
  • Changes for violations groups are coming also, which includes groups and pages getting blocked without warning if there is offensive language or any content that conflicts with Facebook community standards.
  • They are thinking of removing the like button on pages, and just keeping the follow button on Facebook, just like on Instagram.
  • Lastly, they are increasing reliance on hashtags on Facebook, they will be introducing more ways to find companies and posts through hashtags.

If there are any questions or queries you may have about social media. Feel free to contact us, we are always happy to help.