About Us

About Us

Our Journey

Our business has evolved considerably since its inception as Billericay IT back in 2010.  This was the start of a journey that has progressed in many ways and of course had its up and downs at the same time.  Running a business is a learning curve and takes hard work, dedication and determination to succeed, plus a few other ingredients.

In 2019, we moved our premises to Billericay High Street and started to benefit from this investment just as the pandemic started to surface.  In February 2020, we had planned to become BWSIT Limited and had some great plans for the next 12 months.  However, like every other business we were suddenly confronted with a unique situation and COVID-19.  This led us to moving out of the Billericay premises and relocating to a custom built log cabin in Maldon.  It was a big investment to buy and equip the cabin but it was the correct decision, for sure.

Team BWSIT Limited

We now have a great headquarters, some excellent local staff and are now ready to support our clients in many ways.  Working is a huge part of life for so many and making this as enjoyable as possible is part of everyday life here at BWSIT Limited. We would have it no other way and please meet the team….

Paul Alexander BWSIT Limited
Meet the team Caroline BWSIT Limited
Meet the team Pearl BWSIT Limited
Meet the team Lois BWSIT Limited
Meet the team Emily BWSIT Limited
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