All in one computer won the day over a traditional desktop computer.

All in one computer won the day over a traditional desktop computer

A client from Billericay contacted us with some issues with her laptop which was very old.  The client asked us to recommend a new computer for them to fit on their desk and not have lots of wires.  We looked at a traditional desktop but an All-in-One computer looked the best option.  We gave our client some recommendations and the All-in-One won the day and we duly went ahead and ordered one.  We had the computer delivered direct to us so we could do all the set-up, windows updates and add Office 365 together with a Free Anti-Virus program.

The all-in-one computers are a great device as they allow for cleaner workspaces and are a screen and a computer tower combined into one. If you are looking for a computer that has less wires tangling up behind the screen, this computer is a great option, because it has a wireless mouse and keyboard which connects to the computer via Bluetooth.  These are very handy as wires do not restrict mouse movement. They also look great and are very modern. This particular computer came with two drives, a 250GB SSD for windows to boot fast and a 1TB data drive for storage.  This is a perfect combination combining speed and storage space.  Our client is delighted with the computer and our services.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]