The benefits of Web Design and having a Website

There are a lot of benefits to having a website to be the front face of your business, whether big or small. Here are the most important reasons as to why you should have a modern website in 2021. Consistency Growth-driven design creates a better website that allows you to tap into your user base … Read more

The Impact of Colour in Web Design

When creating a website, the colour theme is one of the main things to consider. When creating a website for your business/brand, it is crucial you stick to these chosen colours throughout the website. Colours can appeal to a range of different target audiences, including gender, age and culture. Certain colours triggers actual physiological changes … Read more

Benefits of WordPress and why this is the chosen BWSIT Web Platform

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) platform in the world, and we design and develop our clients’ websites using WordPress for many reasons, but here is a list of reasons why WordPress is the best Content management system for your website, no matter what you want the website for. Reliability WordPress powers … Read more

Kickstart Scheme Update – Abi

Government kickstart scheme employees here at BWSIT Limited

Kickstart Scheme Update – Abi So far so good is the perfect words to describe my time here so far. It has been such a pleasure to work at BWSIT which such lovely people as well as such a cute dog. The work environment is so calm and yet busy, and every day is a … Read more

RJB Paving Website Launch

About RJB Paving BWSIT Limited are celebrating the launch of another successful client completion project we developed for RJB Paving, who specialise in driveways, garden landscaping and tarmacing. The Brief Robert came to us wanting an updated, modern, and responsive website. The new site was designed to incorporate the same branding colours of the previous … Read more

JoJo Blue Website Launch

Jo came to us regarding a refresh on her website for JoJo Blue. It was our job to began making a new, updated version of the Danbury store website. The team here enjoy supporting smaller businesses and are happy to reveal the launch of the website today at About JoJo Blue JoJo Blue is … Read more

Maldon Events 2021

BWSIT Limited are based in Maldon, Essex. Maldon is becoming increasingly popular and with the community expanding, the demand for social events has increased. We as a team are hoping to join the community and attend some of these events happening in 2021. Here is a look at some of the events happening in Maldon … Read more

Training and mentoring with YLG Aesthetics

Training and mentoring with YLG Aesthetics YLG Aesthetics is a business based in Upminster offering Botox treatments. Like many businesses they have suffered considerably during the lockdown, closing for long periods. Then when they have been open many new procedures have been enforced to comply with COVID-19. Additional sanitising, wearing masks, extending the time between … Read more

All in one computer won the day over a traditional desktop computer.

All in one computer set up for client by BWSIT Limited

All in one computer won the day over a traditional desktop computer A client from Billericay contacted us with some issues with her laptop which was very old.  The client asked us to recommend a new computer for them to fit on their desk and not have lots of wires.  We looked at a traditional … Read more