Getting a new laptop is a great move

I have been wanting to replace my laptop for a while and finally decided to take the plunge and do it .  The selection process was pretty easy and am so pleased with the purchase. How I chose my new laptop Lets start by looking at what I want out of a laptop… Fast/High performance … Read more

Take a closer look at our itsmycolour Jigsaw Puzzle

So we have our 1500 piece itsmycolour puzzle creation taking shape nicely with slow but steady progress. The progress is slow because the puzzle is full of so many wonderful colours but this also has advantages as they can be grouped together. What is “itsmycolour”? itsmycolour are a Colour, Style and Image consultancy. So the … Read more

Why Web Design Projects Deadlines are Important

There are many benefits to setting deadlines when taking on new projects, but here is a list on 5 reasons why deadlines are important in a project. Allows for great communicationDeadlines allow for great communication in the team. You may have more than one person working on the design or development part of a project, … Read more

College placement at BWSIT

College placement blog by BWSIT Limited

College placement at BWSIT Hello everyone, this is Joseph Reid and as part of an industrial placement at BWSIT, I am tasked with creating a blog post for the site, so I’m doing that.   After one half term with the company, and one week a year back, I can tell my overall thoughts on … Read more