Benefits of WordPress and why this is the chosen BWSIT Web Platform

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) platform in the world, and we design and develop our clients’ websites using WordPress for many reasons, but here is a list of reasons why WordPress is the best Content management system for your website, no matter what you want the website for.


WordPress powers 40% of all websites worldwide. Big name sites like TEDUPS and CNN all use WordPress. From small personal blogs to multinational corporation websites. While no content management system is 100% secure, WordPress is as secure as they come. Due to the high percentage of websites that use WordPress, this suggests how reliable this CMS is otherwise people and business’s would not carry on using the oldest content software out there, coming out in 2003.

Great Support System

Guides, tutorials, and resources that can be found online on places such as YouTube etc. WordPress forums and directly from the WordPress support team. (If you have purchased a WordPress plan, 24-hour support Monday-Friday and sometimes even weekends are available in live chat). WordPress also supports more than 160 languages worldwide. 71% of blogs published are English but it is always useful to know you can reach a global audience if needed. (Especially if your business ships worldwide).


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is important for sites that have specific goals. A lot of competitors battle to be on the first page of Google results when a specific keyword(s) is searched for, so having the options for plugins is a great initiative. An example is Yoast SEO, this plugin tells you how SEO friendly your content is. Plugins are the building blocks of your WordPress site. They bring in important functions to your website, whether you need to add contact forms, improve SEO, increase site speed, create an online store, or offer email opt-ins. Whatever you need your website to do can be done with a plugin.


The website design can be in depth/complex or simple. Anything you want to do with your website can be done. Newbies, developers, and everyone in-between can use WordPress as you can choose what features you want your website to have. This could be just a simple blog post or an E-commerce site in which people order from, WordPress allows you to have full creative control.


In general, WordPress is a safe and secure platform. Enhance your site’s security with features like password protection for folder contents. Easy to enable an SSL certificate for your WordPress site. You can also install a WordPress security plugin (adding these will make it even harder for hackers or intruders to access)
While no content management system is 100% secure, WordPress has a quality security apparatus in place for the core software and most of the hacks area direct result of webmasters not following basic security best practices.


Can get the base of the site set-up with just a few clicks. Blogs can have changes made using the virtual editor and once you click save, the new version will be live instantly. You can also manage your site from any computer.

Optimised for Speed

Specific features and elements that you can take advantage of that will speed up your website. Lightweight theme that will not weigh your code down. Plugins can reduce image file sizes and speed up your website. Reduce bounce rates, improve user experience, and increase conversions on your WordPress site.


If you are a small business and are at the early stages of your business plan, affordable prices are important for keeping the spend as low as possible. WordPress is open source and free to use, but depending on what you want the website for, there are a wide range of plans to choose from. They meet the needs of virtually any type of website.

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