Getting a new laptop is a great move

I have been wanting to replace my laptop for a while and finally decided to take the plunge and do it .  The selection process was pretty easy and am so pleased with the purchase. How I chose my new laptop Lets start by looking at what I want out of a laptop… Fast/High performance … Read more

All in one computer won the day over a traditional desktop computer.

All in one computer set up for client by BWSIT Limited

All in one computer won the day over a traditional desktop computer A client from Billericay contacted us with some issues with her laptop which was very old.  The client asked us to recommend a new computer for them to fit on their desk and not have lots of wires.  We looked at a traditional … Read more

Regular Cleaning of your Computer or Laptop improves efficiency

Regular computer or laptop cleaning by BWSIT Limited

Regular Cleaning Of Your Computer Or Laptop Improves Efficiency There comes a point in any computer’s life where if it has not been cleaned then it is in danger of failing through overheating. Take this computer above, as an example. We recently picked up this computer to see why it was running so slow. Once … Read more