College placement at BWSIT

College placement at BWSIT

Hello everyone, this is Joseph Reid and as part of an industrial placement at BWSIT, I am tasked with creating a blog post for the site, so I’m doing that.


After one half term with the company, and one week a year back, I can tell my overall thoughts on how this place is and how it helps me understand more about IT and the different aspects of it.


My first week in September 2019, on the 16<sup>th</sup>, I met the other person doing work experience for this year, Adam, who just so happened to be going to the same college as me. Our first task was to look up the numbers, addresses, and towns of skip companies and record them into an excel document, which we took and worked on opposite ends of the list, and then used each other’s data. We also began to start working on a computer from Partyman, which wouldn’t boot. We found that the disk drive wasn’t the issue but only got that far before needing to stop due to time up for that day.


The next week we were able to replace the hard drive with a readable one, cleared the disk drive of leftover toys that were stuck in, and installed Windows 7 onto it from a disk.


The other weeks were mostly smaller tasks for us, like compiling sites or information into spreadsheets or wiping hard drives, but it was still useful experience gained.


I believe that the past half term of work has given me insight on some potential career routes and what some jobs in IT are like and what working in a small office is like. The staff is kind, the dog is quiet (Mostly), the work is at most in depth and at least repetitive, and generally is a good all round place for work experience.