Getting a new laptop is a great move

I have been wanting to replace my laptop for a while and finally decided to take the plunge and do it .  The selection process was pretty easy and am so pleased with the purchase.

How I chose my new laptop

Lets start by looking at what I want out of a laptop…

  • Fast/High performance is a definite
  • Solid State Hard Drive size does not need to be particularly big as I have a lot of network storage in our office (256GB or 512GB) and online storage too
  • Decent amount of memory (RAM – 16GB) for running some graphic programs and the usual Microsoft packages
  • Fast browsing capability but that is dependent on internet connection speed once you have a fast laptop
  • 15.6 Inch screen to be able to see a good amount of detail.

So with this in mind, we have supplied a number of Asus laptops to clients and I know they have all been very happy with the laptops. So to me, it was an easy choice and I needed to look no further than the Asus range and make sure it was powerful enough.  After all, the quicker I can do things on the laptop then the more time I have overall to accomplish many of my activities. Bear in mind that my work is all done online or on a laptop using various software packages.

So my choice was:
Asus VivoBook 15 Core i5 16GB 512GB SSD 15.6″ FHD Win10 Home Laptop

The purchase was made through eBuyer who I have been using for many years and who provide an excellent service.

The cost of the laptop was approx. £600.00. This is more than I would recommend to my clients to pay but if you have the budget then this is a lovely piece of equipment. I have been so pleased with it and it is a delight to use. The screen is exceptional quality and the laptop speed is incredible.