Is your broadband as fast as it can be?

Is your broadband as fast as it can be?

We have made a lot of visits to homes in the area where there have been internet speed issues. Some people think it is a WiFi issue, others think it is an internet issue and others are just unsure. What we want to do is explain the myths about broadband/WiFi and how they combine in a household to provide and internet service.


The first element to consider is the speed of the broadband service that is delivered to the house. This can be an ADSL type of service, fibre-optic or maybe a 4G service. ADSL is typically anything between 1 mbps and perhaps up to about 8 mbps for download, The upload can be something between 0.5 mbps and 2 mbps. There are always exceptions to this but this is what I have come across. Fibre-optic is the answer to all the speed issues and provides a much faster service both in download and upload speeds. This is a really good service and speeds can be at least 10 times faster in some cases. Definitely the option if you need a quicker service. 4G is a great alternative if the ADSL is particularly slow and fibre-optic is not available. If you are able to determine which provider has the best and fastest 4G coverage then with some good deals on data you can have a really good usable service through a router that you insert a 4G into (we have provided these solutions to a few homes in the area and they are very pleased)

There are also some cable options for fast broadband provided by Virgin Media. Another good fast service.


So you now have a broadband service coming into your home and now you need to route it throughout your house to your computers, laptops, TV, phones, tablets, game consoles and anything else you need. One of the easiest ways to do this is via WiFi. You may be lucky to have a series of cables coming out the back of your router channelling the broadband round the house but this is the minority of set ups I come across. This is always the best solution as an Ethernet cable is always faster and more reliable than WiFi. However, WiFi is still effective unless you have too many devices connected to the same router or some devices are too far away from the WiFi giving them a poor connection. To overcome a poor connection then WiFi extenders can be used to relay the WiFi further. These extenders are typically placed where the WiFi is still relatively strong and then create a new WiFi zone to areas where the original WiFi does not reach. I have used 2 or 3 extenders before to pass the WiFi round a building.

Another way to the extend the WiFi is to have a wired Ethernet connection from the router to an Access Point. The wired connection can be as far away from the router as you want and then WiFi is available through the Access Point device at the end of the Ethernet cable. Perhaps you may have one cable that goes to an outbuilding or even upstairs where the WiFi from the original router is non existent.

Slow Broadband/Wifi

So just when you think you have a good internet service, you find that things start going wrong. The broadband speed can slow down at anytime due to the amount of users in the locality. It is known as contention. You may share the broadband service with up to 50 other local users, Then there could be problems with the WiFi. Various things can interfere with the quality of the signal. Too many WiFi’s being broadcast on the same channel, the walls in the house or windows may be impacting the quality of a WiFi signal. WiFi extenders and Access Point devices maybe a number of years old and have slow throughput speeds. You may be using plugs to send the broadband through the electrical circuit. This will certainly impact speed. All these issues can be overcome with the right set up and infrastructure and you really should not need to struggle.

Internet Speeds for gaming/Streaming

One of the most effected users will be of course the gamer that relies on their games console or PC/Laptop responding fast. Lag as it is generally known is a gamer’s worst nightmare and can render a game unplayable. This is something that can be fixed quite easily with an investment in a wired solution. This would also be similar to streaming TV, for example. I have seen TV programs take hours to download when with the right set up it could be minutes.

Free Assessment

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