Kickstart Scheme Update – Abi

Kickstart Scheme Update – Abi

So far so good is the perfect words to describe my time here so far.
It has been such a pleasure to work at BWSIT which such lovely people as well as such a cute dog. The work environment is so calm and yet busy, and every day is a joy to come back.
Before I talk about my journey so far, I will talk a bit about me first and how I ended up joining the kickstart scheme…

Before joining the kickstart scheme here at BWSIT Limited, I had been unemployed due to the pandemic and finishing a Graphic Design Apprenticeship. Times during the pandemic were hard, due to thousands of people getting made unemployed due to everywhere having to close due to Covid-19, getting a job was getting hard, especially at my age! I have good grades, A levels and by this time 18 months of experience in an office, but all of that did not count, there were not enough jobs available for the amount of people losing them, plus no where was happy with employing me due to my age and only having 18 months experience. I got told I was too young by one employer who I applied for a job with. Anyway, due to being unemployed, like most I ended up having to claim Universal Credit.

During this time I was in touch with the Chelmsford job centre, who I had been speaking to during this time and helping me find a job, they mentioned about a new scheme being introduced from the government to help youngsters like me get into a job and get experience and past me over the contact information for BWSIT and here I am.

I have now been here for 3 months, I have met new people, learnt so much and am enjoying every second. I never thought I would enjoy working and being happy in a work environment! Haha!

What I’ve been up to during my time here so far.

In these 3 months I have achieved so much so quickly, not only have I lost a stone through all the laughter, I have also learnt so much to do with websites from the guidance of Paul and Pearl, I had never really made a website, or been introduced to them. I now know how to design a website, from adding themes to adding plug ins and even adding products to a website, for customers to purchase items online. Believe it or not I have even learnt a bit of coding, which still blows my mind every time, but I can do it and will always give it a go!
Not only have I been doing websites, I have also been working on designing logos and doing social media marketing. I have always been interested in graphics and design work, so I am gaining a lot of experience and knowledge to help me with my career within the industry.

I can’t thank BWSIT enough for all the time they’ve taken to teach me, train me and welcome me to the business.  They still have another 3 months left and I look forward to every moment that is coming ahead.