Little Tin Shed website is having an SEO overhaul

Little Tin Shed Website is having an SEO overhaul

BWSIT are working closely with Suzanne of the Little Tin Shed to turn her website into a digital marketing funnel. The Little Tin Shed is an outstanding local business offering the usual range of floristry including Wedding Flowers, Funeral Flowers and occasional flowers. On top of this, they offer a range of workshops covering many aspects of flower arranging and wreath making.
The website was recently updated by an independent web designer who did the basics but did not focus on the importance of the visibility of the site for search engines. This is after all a different service, but the foundations should still be put in place.

BWSIT have added a lot of customisation to the site to improve the look and feel including:

  • Changing the heading fonts to a handwriting font
  • Adding much more detail to the footer including Icons
  • Adding in dynamic product pages based on categories
  • Changing the background colour to match the main site colour
  • Spacing the images evenly and centred on the home page
  • Adding some subtle links on the Weddings Page

These changes all create a much better UX for visitors to the site. This is an important factor for SEO as a user is likely to stay on the site longer rather than “bounce” away from the site quickly. The bounce rate does not directly impact your rankings but can be sees as a symptom of a poor site.
Having now worked with Little Tin Shed to vastly improve the website look, the next stage is to look behind the scenes and see what can be done to improve the SEO.
Early investigation shows that the following updates are required:

  • Alt Tags should be added to every image – currently they are all blank and therefore not telling the search engines what the images relate to
  • All images need optimisation – This means that the images can be compressed in size to make them faster loading. This is very important especially when viewing on a mobile and you do not have a fast internet connection.
  • Products need to have tags added as these are all blank. Again, this is something that adds value to SEO and makes the products more visible.
  • A blog section has been introduced and this is an asset for SEO. The first blog talks about the Christmas Wreath making which is very topical and with the right exposure can bring traffic to site and improve sales.

We have assessed what keywords Little Tin Shed website is ranking for now and these will be assessed again in one month’s time to see what impact the above has had on the site. There are other Keywords that Little Tin Shed want to rank for, and these will be brought into the equation as well.
Watch this space for further updates.