New Website launched for Fur The Love of Toys

We are delighted to have launched a new website for Fur The Love of Toys this week.


The website is an eCommerce site and Fur The Love of Toys specialise in selling toys for pets which are available on the site.  There is an assortment of products and there will be something to excite and please all pet owners.  One of our particular favourites are the Bandana’s and the range is incredible with such an array of colours. To think everything is handmade by Angela, the owner, is just fabulous and we want to congratulate Angela for the dedication and effort she puts in.

Also, It has been a joy working alongside Angela to get the website completed and live.  For example, we used our experience to re-classify the products and set up the many categories and Angela then brought in her client knowledge to tweak the categories. We have combined in many ways to bring our business expertise together to drive the project forward.  

One area that needed some thought was where a products has many variations.  As an example,  a product has 5 different sizes, 15 different materials, 10 different fonts for an inscription and then 10 different colours for the inscription font. This is the equivalent of 7500 variations for a single product.  Setting up these is a little mind blowing especially when prices differ depending on the size.  Fortunately, we are familiar with some excellent WordPress plugins that assist with product variations which simplified this task.

In fact, using WordPress with the WooCommerce plugin makes setting up an online shop quick and straightforward for our team. This combined with using a premium WordPress theme gives the site some great functionality and we hope you like it! 

If you would like something similar built for your online shop then please contact us to Email to