Working in partnership with Sherree Holden Bridal Hair and Beauty

Working in partnership with Sherree Holden

Sherree Holden is one of many self employed business owners who is struggling with the current change of landscape across the world. Sherree’s core business is Bridal Hair and Beauty but with weddings pretty much on hold at the moment, except for small ceremonies, business has all but dried up. Weddings will happen again in 2021 and may be smaller gatherings but for now Sherree has taken a step back to look at her business.

At BWSIT, we deal with a real cross section of businesses and understand the current climate and restraints as much as most people. Our clients give us a range of different circumstances they are facing and how they are dealing with these.

Sherree looked at what she delivered and decided to undertake some training in eye lash extensions. Eye lash extensions fit into her beauty treatment portfolio and will compliment some of the existing services. Dedication and training has given Sherree the ability to now provide this service.

Where we have complimented Sherree is to revamp her website and style it in a way that befits the quality of service she delivers. Sherree is very personable and treasures her exchanges with all her clients. This comes across in her testimonials which are warm and heartfelt.

We are currently working with Sherree to get some blogs/news items on her website too to make sure there is added momentum to her business. You will see regular items being added to her website and improving the SEO and quality of the website slowly and surely over time.