The Impact of Colour in Web Design

When creating a website, the colour theme is one of the main things to consider. When creating a website for your business/brand, it is crucial you stick to these chosen colours throughout the website.

Colours can appeal to a range of different target audiences, including gender, age and culture. Certain colours triggers actual physiological changes known as chromodynamics. They can excite, depress, increase the appetite, make you feel warmer or cooler etc.

What colours symbolise

Colours can make your potential customers feel a certain way, depending on what you use. Listed below are what each colour is said to symbolise:

RED:  Aggressive, passionate, exciting, powerful
PINK:  Feminine, caring, assertive, loving, nurturing
PURPLE:  Regal, grand, opulent, mystical, extraordinary
BLUE:  Calm, dependable, tranquil, strong, reliable
GREEN:  Serene, natural, healthy, growing, safe
ORANGE:  Creative, young, outgoing, enthusiastic

White and black are commonly used on page backgrounds and typography on websites, these colours are known as monochrome colours, but these also have emotion attached when you use them.

BLACK: Authority, strength, professionalism, intelligence
WHITE: Cleanliness, purity, peace

Limit the amount of colours used on a website

Although, there are around 16.8 millions colours to choose from when designing a website, you will appreciate that picking the right ones is a special task. Web designers use colour to build hierarchy and focus attention on key information and calls to action. Getting the palette right at the start of the project is essential and should ideally be limited to two or three colours as you do not want to over complicate the website design and overwhelm users when they land on your site.

Research into colour theories

There has been studies partaken in the past to do with what colour attracts who more. In most studies, the results show that blue seems to be a favourite for both men and women. Studies show this is because blue is associated with clean water, clear skies, authority, truth and tranquility; suggesting blue has a calming aroma when you look at it.