Website sessions with Cold Norton Primary School

We visited Cold Norton Primary School today to run a website session with their Year 6 students. It could not have gone better with all the students (19) fully engaged with high levels of participation.
The students were split into 6 groups, with each group tasked with creating 5 questions for an online quiz. Each question needed a correct answer and 3 incorrect answers so to provide a multiple-choice format.

The website we used was created through WordPress using an excellent plugin called Quiz Cat to set up and run the quiz. The students once shown how to logon to WordPress and access the QuizCat settings quickly grasped how to set up the quiz.

The session lasted about 2.5 hours and I helped the students from time to time. We ended up with some amazing quizzes and there sure are many knowledgeable students attending the school.

What a great morning it was and the feedback from the students certainly endorsed this too.

I am always happy to help out any schools and just glad that the removal of Covid restrictions are now making this possible again.