My work experience summary at BWSIT

Work Experience Blog!

Hi, my name is Ayomide Adegbite and I’ve had the honor to participate in the work experience program with BWSIT. I’m here today to share my experiences with this company and hopefully inspire others to come and do their work experience here at this amazing company.

On my first day on the job I was introduced to everyone and they seemed nice. My first task was to set up some computers and check their names and reset all the passwords this was not to tricky as I am used to setting up my consoles at home. During that week I had to set up more computers to the new screens they have recently bought. And do various pieces of work such as making spread sheets.

During the second week I helped edit some websites for customers which was hard at first, but they helped me around the ropes, and I was able to do everything on my own like the coding involved. I even learnt how to put ‘I’m not a robot’ on some websites. A great thing I got to experience was them in action when some customers came in and I saw how they help people grow their businesses through a website which was quite fantastic.

The atmosphere in the office was marvellous, there were so many laughs, we would listen to the radio and sing classics and modern-day songs and laugh (secretly) at Paul singing. The place was just filled with positivity and kindness.

I have made great friends over these two weeks and I hope all the best for BWSIT. They have made me consider the IT sector for real work in the future. If you want the best work experience come work at BWSIT.